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Durham Center for Senior Life

Staff FY 16-17

Gracie Johnson-Lopez — Interim Executive Director,, X106

Tonya Johnson — Director of Finance & Administration,, x109

Liz Lahti — Director of Programs,, x120

Michael Patterson —Senior Support Services Manager,, x122

Emoni’ Battle — Options Counseling/Family Caregiver Coordinator,, x103

Reta Scarlett — Information &Assistance/Transportation Coordinator,, x115

Lynne DePaolo — Office Coordinator,, x108

Barbara Algood — Receptionist,, x100

Jackie Meeks – Receptionist,, X110

Lawanda Lewis - Site Manager, WD Hill,, 919-688-9158

Corrie Smith—Site Manager, Little River,, 919-339-0739

Louise Webb -Site Manager, JFK Towers,, 919-408-9615

MT Fore— Director Adult Day Health,, x125

Rosalind Little– Health Care Coordinator/RN,, x127

Shirley King—CNA1/Program Assistant Supervisor,, x127

Gloria Burnette—Program Assistant,

Patricia Keith—Program Assistant,

Alba Lainez—Program Assistant/Custodian,

Dunia Ayestas—Program Assistant,

Tara Keith—Program Assistant,

Jennifer Richmond Program Assistant,

Katherine Tutson—Receptionist,

Carolyn Moore—Receptionist,

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