DCSL Elder Abuse Policy

Under North Carolina law, any person who has reason to believe that a disabled or older adult has been subjected to physical abuse, neglect, or needs protective services, must report the suspected abuse, neglect or need to Adult Protective Services (APS), a division of the County Department of Social Services. The report is to be made immediately upon forming the suspicion of abuse or neglect and is to be followed by a written report within 48 hours. The report may be oral or in writing. 

If APS is not open (weekend or after hours) the report should be made to local law enforcement. 

While this legal obligation falls on each employee individually, DCSL needs to know whenever an employee is brought into contact with any situation in which the employee suspects abuse or neglect of a child or adult. In such circumstances, employees are to report suspicions immediately to supervisors or the Executive Director. However, if for any reason an employee is unable to confer immediately with the supervisor or the Executive Director, the employee shall not delay in reporting the information to the State, county government or local law enforcement. 

Adult Protective Services contact: To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of elderly or disabled adults Monday-Friday 7:30 am-5:30pm 
call 919-560-8588 
To report abuse, neglect or exploitation of elderly or disabled adults when the agency is closed or on holidays, call 984-243-1280.